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Harassment Free Environment & Title IX: Summary of Reporting Mechanisms and Resources

Every member of our community has the right to work and study in a setting free of harassment. Reconstructionist Rabbinical College’s Harassment-Free Environment policy addresses both Title IX and other offenses which may constitute harassment. This policy applies to all Reconstructing Judaism and RRC community members. The full policy and procedures for reporting school-related sex/gender based harassment or discrimination (Title IX related offenses) as well as other types of harassment/discrimination are outlined in the Harassment Free Environment section of all community handbooks: student, faculty and administrative.

As a small community without residency facilities, we do not have on-campus police, health center, or onsite counseling services. However, we encourage any community member experiencing harassment, discrimination or violence on campus to report through proper channels so that we can address the issue and end misconduct.

The main point of contact for harassment/discrimination/Title IX issues are Cheryl Tyson, Director of Human Resources & Administration and Title IX Coordinator (ext 130; CTyson@ReconstructingJudaism.org). If the issue/incident involves Cheryl, Rabbi Amber Powers (Executive Vice President) or Rabbi Deborah Waxman (President), the issue can be reported to the Harassment Committee of the board of governors of the organization per the handbook policy.

Reports can also be made electronically here:  https://forms.gle/SFWbKPAE2xm2MEfM7

While we encourage community members to identify themselves when making a report so that we can thoroughly address the issue and follow up accordingly, if a community member wishes to make an anonymous report, they can use the link above and omit any personally identifying details.

Interim Measures are available as needed for community members involved with a complaint of misconduct. Example interim measures could be escort to class, hybrid access, class schedule change, and/or no-contact order for those involved in an active complaint under investigation.

Confidential Vs Non-Confidential Resources

Employees of the organization, including advisors, are considered non-confidential resources for harassment/violence/discrimination. As an institution that is bound under Title IX, RRC is required to swiftly address and end sex or gender based harassment/discrimination. As such, employees have a duty to report instances of misconduct in the community. RRC endeavors to keep details and identities of those involved with a complaint confidential to the extent possible (meaning as confidential as possible while still addressing our obligations). This looks like only those who “need to know” being aware of a complaint/investigation.

The confidential resource available within the RRC community is your Spiritual Director. Spiritual Directors are independent contractors with our organization and are not required to report information confided in them.


If needed, please avail yourself of confidential resources through our partner organizations:

Laurel House 24/7 Hotline 1-800-642-3150 www.laurel-house.org | @laurelhousepa

Victim Services Center 24/7 Hotline 888-521-0983 www.victimservicescenter.org | @vsmontcopa


Here are additional confidential resources:

National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline (800) 656-4673 ​

Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse Confidential Infoline (877) 885-2232

Mental Health Professional

Materials used to train our Title IX staff can be found here.

For more information or for any questions, please contact RRC’s Title IX Coordinator listed above.

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