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What Graduates Have to Say

What Our Graduates Have to Say:

Sarah Brammer-Shlay

“I really have loved being a student at the College because the faculty really believes in each of our abilities to become the best rabbis we can be, and the most authentic rabbis for each of us personally. Our teachers see us in all of our complexity, and that is deeply connected to the knowledge that the communities we are serving are equally complex. The Reconstructionist approach to Judaism deeply understands that Judaism is made up of lots of components and our education follows that understanding through its varied approach.”

Sarah Brammer-Shlay ’22

Photo of Lonnie Kleinman

“I love being a student at the College because I can bring my whole self. This is the first space in the Jewish world I feel so at home. This is a great place to become a rabbi because all the faculty and staff want you to succeed, and be the best rabbi you can be.”

Lonnie Kleinman ’22 

Photo of Ari Witkin

“I love learning at RRC because it is a place that fosters both my personal growth as a Jew and my professional development as a rabbi. Supported by a fantastic community of faculty and peers, I am able to dive deep into the wisdom of our tradition, and I’m encouraged to make it my own.”

Rabbi Ari Witkin ’19

Photo of Rabbi Sandra Lawson

“I love being a student at RRC because it’s a school where diversity is embraced.  This is a great place to become a rabbi because the education is steeped in tradition, and it recognizes the ever-changing Jewish community. Learning in this type of environment makes very creative and entrepreneurial-minded rabbis.”

Rabbi Sandra Lawson ’18 

Photo of Janine Jankovitz Pastor

“The College has given me one of the greatest gifts of all — the ability to access rabbinic texts that had previously been inaccessible to me because of my gender. I have learned how to think critically about Jewish texts and law, and how Judaism has been influenced throughout history by its neighboring civilizations. I have learned how to serve people as their rabbi with spiritual insight, compassion, a deep knowledge of Judaism, and a drive toward social justice. RRC has prepared me to be the rabbi I have always dreamed of being.”

Rabbi Janine Julia Jankovitz Pastor ’20

Photo of Rebecca Richman

“This is a great place to become a rabbi because your teachers and fellow students will help you cultivate your personal relationship with Torah and your own vision for your rabbinate. At the College, there is no one ‘right’ or ‘classic’ way for a student to become a rabbi. Our teachers and our program encourage each student to chart their own rabbinic journey. It is an amazing place to become a rabbi because our teachers want us to learn our tradition, and then carry, sculpt and teach Judaism in our own voices.”

Rabbi Bec Richman ’19

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